1. Which measures can Universities take to prevent, discourage and handle violations of research integrity?
    How is responsible research encouraged in Belgian Universities? Are there codes, charters, incentives? Is there training for all researchers?  Are those measures useful or needed? What when there is an allegation of research misconduct? How is it currently handled? Is this the best possible way? Thinking out of the box: suggestions on preventing research misconduct and handling research misconduct cases by Stefanie Van der Burght (Ugent),  Audrey Van Scharen (VUB) and Prof. Yves Geerts (ULB).

    Talk by Stefanie Van der Burght (Ugent) &  Audrey Van Scharen (VUB)
    Title: A critical approach to investigating research fraud.
    Abstract: With several years of experience as secretary of CRI, Audrey Van Scharen and Stefanie Van der Burght gathered their vision on the crucial features of the investigative committee for research misconduct within universities. This presentation looks at these features critically and by questioning them, hopes to give food for thought on the future way of dealing with research fraud and misconduct.

  2. Lessons learned from four-year membership in the Flemish Commission on Research Integrity (Prof. dr. JP. Van Bendegem (VUB)
  3. The Danish system on handling Research Misconduct by Merian Skouw Haugwitz (Technical University of Denmark)

Round table moderated by Prof. dr. Serge Gutwirth