Biomedical research is invaluable to aid our understanding of various diseases.  Today this research encompasses research on in vitro (cell culture, bio-informatics) and in vivo (laboratory animals) models.  However, the use of laboratory animals in biomedical research has become a subject of debate.  The biomedical science community agrees that laboratory animals should be used for research only within an ethical framework.  Therefore, research using laboratory animals is only performed when thoroughly reviewed and approved by the Ethical Committee for use of Laboratory Animals.

During this break out session, we will open the debate on two topics that have been a matter of debate in the Ethical Committee for use of Laboratory Animals of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel.

Prof. Dr. Karine Breckpot will start with a short introduction, after which the first topic will be introduced by Prof. Apr. Ilse Smolders and deals with the “re-use” of laboratory animals.  The second topic will be introduced by Prof. Dr. Leo van Grunsven and deals with “determining the number of research animals and repeats of experiments”.